Cultured, Natural Looks, Beautiful... Is it Time to Take a Second Look?

Dear Client,

Cultured Stone® has come along way. The advances in colors, textures, and forming – there are now over 100+ great product selections that look indigenous (and real) to many areas across New England and the country.

However, a greatly improved product can still look unnatural if improperly installed by someone who doesn’t understand how to work specifically with the ins and outs of Cultured Stone.

Now You Can Work with the Cultured Stone Mason who was sought after and hand-picked to be a Select Installer for Cultured Stone of Owens Corning.

Hi, I’m Brendan Mostecki, President of Cultured Masonry, THE experts in the design and installation of Cultured Stone. We’re a full service masonry company and now the only Cultured Stone installer that has been recommended by Bob Vila to install Cultured Stone on one of his projects.

Why Choose Cultured Stone over Natural Stone?

1. Cultured Stone project costs (materials and labor) can be about half of natural stone (natural = $50 - $100 sq ft) vs. (cultured = $25 - $50 sq ft).

2. Cultured Stone can go over anything, and also create realistic 90 degree corners.

3. Cultured Stone is not load bearing, so no headers, sills, lolly columns or structural support is needed. It’s also maintenance-free!

Why Choose Cultured Masonry over other Masonry Companies?

– Solid (like a rock) – Someone aptly said – 80% of your success in life is just showing up. I do what I say I’m going to do. If I say I’ll be somewhere at a specific time – you can bank on it.

– That Vision Thing – Sometimes a Cultured Stone project that looked so good on paper doesn’t translate well into the finished product. I can see the end before we even start – that will help you avert mistakes and make the right choices for your home or client right from the start. I plan, make drawings and work directly with your framers and carpenters to make sure the process goes smoothly, with no production delays, no missed steps, no surprises.

– Installation is Everything – There is sort of a magic that needs to happen to make unnatural stone look natural. It’s techniques like back cutting, roughing up, proper joint and edge control to make sure that the stone looks and flows naturally.

Would you like to see a Cultured Stone project in progress right now? Or I can come to your home or office, and discuss possible upcoming projects.

I just want you to feel comfortable with the product, my company and myself. Please call 978-733-4006, or email to set up a time to meet.


Brendan Mostecki, President


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